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On 12/3/2019, we received a notice from Oways Online (“Complainant”) that Complainant believes the app listed below infringes its intellectual property rights.  In particular, Complainant believes you are infringing its copyright.  Please see their comments below.

Comments from Complainant: “MMD Exams” app is fraudulently sharing our e-books on their website for free to click bait the customer and earn money through adsense. This website has the e-books which belongs and violates the below mentioned criteria.

1)      E-books which are written & compiled by my authors and sold on my website owaysonline after spending enormous time & effort to get everything right (this is a theft of my intellectual & copyright violation).

2)      E-books which are published & printed by various maritime organisations that are governed by IMO (International Maritime Organisation) they have strict copyright infringement policies.

Kindly take strict action against this website as none of these books have been written by them.

You can reach Complainant through Owais Sheikh (email:, copied on this email.  Please exchange correspondence directly with Complainant.


Oways claiming students notes as his personal copyright. Notes written by students are their property and i believe no one has any claim other than the author himself.

1. Pdf’s shared on the application are solely sent by students as their scanned copies. Any notes compiled by ANYONE with students personal notebooks scans are the student’s copyright and not ANYONE’s, hence if the students sharing the notes have no objection then I believe no one else should.

2. I shall remove the notes if are solely written by Oways as claimed.

3. The time and money spent on coding the apps from scratch and paying for VPS servers to serve the application database load is much much more than the amount I earn from Adsense. My last revenue for the month was “19.44” USD :(.


5. The only reason I never allowed downloading of pdfs for self-printing was because of the sole reason I was told that many shops sell printed material as a daily wage and I never meant to affect anyone for monetary gains. I do not mean to earn money from any of these notes, therefore will not be selling any soft copies today or in future.

Hope above shall clarify a lot of doubts, and should you guys feel the app should be removed, i will do so! Please COMMENT below!